Oregon 2017

Oregon 2017

Good day to you. My name is Hunter Wolf Lydon D.O.B. 9/17/79.  I grew up in Ohio, West of Cleveland, before moving to Utah for film school 1998. I graduated in 2002, & over the next 10 yrs., lived in most of the major cities searching. In 2011 I moved to Portland, OR. This was where I was introduced to agriculture and the WWOOf program, which I started in 2012. Over the next 2 yrs. I learned many agriculture related things like homesteading, herbalism & Permaculture. As of 2017 my main area of interest is carbon farming/sequestration, land restoration, and trying to create healthy habitat for critters in nature. I currently live in Bellingham, WA.

  • Iā€™m a certified Permaculture Designer & completed The Rainwater Harvesting Design course w/WMG in 2018.


  • My consults are FREE but if you are not in my area gas will need to be reimbursed.

  • Labor is negotiable depending on project.

  • If you have a project out of the area Im willing to travel and do a residency.

Other Experience: 

Cover cropping, soil building, pruning, composting (vermi, humanure, bokashi), natural building, basic construction, Biodynamics, herbalism, natural beekeeping, chainsaw work, photography, Apple computers & Photoshop

Interests: God, seed saving, making zines, the value of weeds, fungi, carbon sequestration, dry-land farming, solar power, bio-char, MUSIC!, Living w/out refridgeration, fermentation, dehydrating food, yoga & cycling.